Family Fun on Oahu: Top Activities for Kids and Parents

Oahu is the perfect destination for families looking to have some fun in the sun. Additionally, with its gorgeous beaches, breathtaking hikes, and rich cultural history, there is something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the top activities for kids and parents to enjoy together on Oahu.

Beach Fun

When you think of Oahu, the first thing that comes to mind is likely its stunning beaches. With so many to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to start. For instance, Waikiki Beach is a classic choice, with its iconic views of Diamond Head and plenty of family-friendly activities like paddleboarding and surfing lessons. For a more secluded experience, head to Lanikai Beach, which offers calm waters and stunning views of the Mokulua Islands. And don’t forget to pack a picnic and some sunscreen!

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Beyond the beaches, Oahu is home to some of the most breathtaking hikes and outdoor adventures in the world. Diamond Head State Monument is a must-see for any family visiting Oahu, with its stunning views of the island and a relatively easy trail that’s perfect for kids. For a more challenging hike, try the Koko Head Crater Trail, which offers incredible views of the island’s south shore. Moreover,  for a truly unique experience, take a family-friendly zipline tour through the lush jungle canopy.

Cultural Activities

Oahu is steeped in rich cultural history. Consequently, there are plenty of ways for families to learn about the island’s unique heritage. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center to experience traditional dance and music from across the Pacific. Explore the Bishop Museum for an in-depth look at Hawaiian culture and history. Finally, don’t miss the chance to visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, which offers a sobering reminder of the island’s role in World War II.

Water Sports

Of course, no trip to Oahu would be complete without some water sports! From snorkeling to paddleboarding to surfing, there are endless opportunities for families to get out on the water and have some fun. Then, try a guided snorkeling tour to explore the island’s beautiful coral reefs, or take a family surf lesson to catch some waves together. And for a truly unforgettable experience, book a sunset sail along Oahu’s stunning coastline.


Oahu is the ultimate destination for families looking to have some fun in the sun. With its beautiful beaches, breathtaking hikes, rich cultural history, and endless water sports, there is something for everyone. We hope this guide to the top activities for kids and parents on Oahu helps you plan an unforgettable family vacation! Then, if you want to capture your family’s unforgettable Oahu vacation with stunning photos! Book your session today with our Oahu Hawaii photographer.